In an industry based on trust and compliance, your immediate focus must be on creating a solid platform from which you can raise more capital — so you can keep doing what you do best.

ASCENT is an Independent Global Fund Administrator that has proven mettle as a savvy private equity fund administration with a track record of success with solid relationships under Private Equity Fund Administration— committed clients base that are ready to take the next step with us.

ASCENT as your local partner and One Stop Solution provider stands with you from the first blush of fund formation, to the long game of administering a profitable business. Your success rests on simultaneously attracting and retaining limited partners, maintaining a robust and secure infrastructure, and complying with an increasingly complex regulatory regime.

Fortunately, that help is readily available, with ASCENT in the form of outsourced expertise. Here are the Key qualities that ASCENT as an Independent Global Fund Administrator possess for our most committed Fund Managers like you.


1. Credibility, marketability and fiduciary oversight.
Aligning with the right fund administrator can not only bestow instant credibility in terms of your infrastructure, it can also help you “punch above your weight” — compete for limited partners with the kinds of capabilities and advanced services, such as personalized reporting and portfolio analytics, that institutional investors expect from larger funds. At ASCENT there is a assurance that you have expert third-party fiduciary oversight can help investors feel secure in the services and reporting they will receive — especially important when marketing in the alternative asset class.

2. Cost and process efficiencies.
ASCENT operational functions is both cost-effective and process-effective. ASCENT is the Best Private Equity Fund Administrator that provide transparency regarding fee disclosures in your PPM and LPA. You will get benefit from the deep specialization and scale of our experienced team of Private Equity Fund Administrator  and also the costs for fund expenses here align well with the fiduciary oversight that we provides to the investors.

3. Compliance best practices.Compliance is heart of highly successful corporates. ASCENT ensure integrity of the governance framework along with efficient administration of
a company adhering to statutory and regulatory requirements. We provide the eKYC platform to all our clients that helps to conduct individual
and corporate risk assessment and risk screening against integrated global databases to identify whether clients are politically exposed
Persons or will be potentially categorized as high-risk.

4. Quality, scalability and security.
Our technology provides us the scalability to grow with our clients and the efficiencies to keep costs down.  This flexibility enables us to service both onshore and offshore funds in various fund structures. We are certified with our first ISAE 3402 TYPE II certification audited by Big 4 Audit firm KPMG.

Read More https://www.ascentfundservices.com/isae-3402-type-ii-certification/

5. Orchestrating the right combination of people, processes and technology.Our team brings in wealth of experience and knowledge in accounting of  private equity funds and their deep commitment towards Client First approach stands us out from other fund administrators. With the digitation of various processes and the checks that are placed to verify the activities stands ASCENT to maintain the quality of service which is cost and time effective. The right combination of people , process and technology  makes ASCENT as a Best Fund Administrator.

ASCENT has been crowned as Best Fund Administrator Services and Technology  Read More https://www.ascentfundservices.com/awards-and-recognition-best-fund-administrator-services-and-technology-apac/.


  •     Real Estate Investment Funds (REITS)
  •     Trust Formation
  •     Trust Administration
  •     Other Trust Services


ASCENT is able to offer you wide range of services to establish what works best for you.

For more information, please contact us at sales@ascentfunds.sg