HEDGE FUNDS and Mutual Funds


Market challenges spur greater innovation in the
hedge fund industry.

ASCENT is associated with providing the Best in Class services for Hedge Funds and Mutual Funds. We have been awarded as Best Fund Administrator as soon as in first year of our steps in the industry.

We are leading provider of integrated onshore and offshore fund administration services to Alternative Investment managers and Fund Operators worldwide. In addition to traditional fund administration, ASCENT offers clients an array of daily middle office functionality utilizing state of the art proprietary technology. ASCENT’S service solution is gaining momentum globally and provides its clients complete One Stop Solutions for all their funds need.

ASCENT is an Independent Global Fund Administrator that provide variety of services to Hedge Fund Managers. The central service is daily, monthly or quarterly trade capture, reconciliation, Portfolio verification, NAV calculations, Shareholder services, Audit support and online reporting for your fund.

As a Fund Administrator we also provide other back end services such as transfer agent services (handling the subscription documents and making sure checks are cashed or wires are appropriately handled).

ASCENT offers comprehensive cost-effective support for early stage managers via our Pre-launch Support; Our One Stop Solution providing the required infrastructure to launch a new product including legal, audit, banking, brokerage and compliance services.

Second Signer​

A relatively new service which we as your Fund Administrator provides is a “second signer” service which is designed to give investors greater confidence on Fund Managers. ​

How is it done?​

Under a “second signer” agreement, the hedge fund manager will need to get a sign off from the fund administrator before the manager can make a transfer or a withdrawal from the fund’s account.​

Our technology provides us the scalability to grow with our clients and the efficiencies to keep costs down.  This flexibility enables us to service both onshore and offshore funds in various fund structures.
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ASCENT is able to offer you wide range of services to establish what works best for you.

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